Why LiveEco?

We at LiveEco are fully committed to make our products 100% Eco- friendly. Our Fundamental objects are to be: - Ecologically sustainable developed - Reduce harmful waste - Reduce environmental impact - Make the best use of natural resources - Provide a safe and pollution free environment


Our products use fully certified recycled materials, and we are continually sourcing new recycled materials which we can use to manufacture our products.


We take quality seriously. We can guarantee each product will be quality inspected to ensure consistency.

Eco Friendly

Our products are 100% Eco friendly, we use natural and recycled materials for our products to ensure our vision is constantly achieved.

About Us

Live3co is a brand which is part of Banba International Trading Limited.

In Early 2018, we found a market which we wanted to explore, Eco Friendly 

The Live3co brand is to help change the world, we wanted to produce products which customers can be proud to use, knowing they are contributing to make the world a better place. Live3co products which come from the most natural source, is the step forward of changing how we can use these products in our everyday lives. We are the only B2b supplier for eco – friendly products.



Explore our wide range of 100% Eco Friendly Cases

The Wheat Range

The Eco Wheat cases are made from 100% naturally source wheat fibres. Its light weight design and ultra slim case, offers a stylish yet protection to your device.

The Fabric Range

The Eco Fabric cases are made from 100% naturally source fabric. Its light weight design and robust protection offers  a slim stylish case.

The Silicon Range

The Eco Silicon cases are made from recycled rubber which offers a soft smooth case. This case also comes with a soft microfibre lining to contribute to premium feel of the case.

The Wood Range

The Eco Wood cases are made from 100% naturally source wood. Its robust design and slim case, offers a stylish yet full protection to your device.

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